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Join food tasting or become your own host / hostess

Welcome to food tasting, which will give you insight and a culinary experience in different dishes from different continents. It serves everything from Norwegian traditional food with a little twist, to dishes from other European countries and Asia. The main focus is party & gourmet food. Participate in food tasting and awaken the senses to familiar and new flavors, while you do not have to cook the food yourself. We would argue that is quite social and leisurely. A small taste and small selection of dishes you can see here.

Are you planning a party or would you like to invite friends and colleagues to a festive gathering? But are unsure of what to serve? As a rule, you stand and cook all the food yourself, or you order catering.

How about doing something new and different?


You can either delight those around you with a nice food tasting collection yourself, or surprise your guests by giving them an experience with a 3-5 course evening. You as the host / hostess invite the guests and can focus on spending your time being social with your guests. We bring the story, the food and the experience. Read more here.

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