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A little taste

Here you can see a small selection and a small taste of some dishes. The dishes and menus are regularly updated and replaced. You as the host / hostess can also tailor your own submitted menu or receive menu suggestions. In addition to focusing on gourmet and party food, it is also possible to get gluten-free, lactose-free dishes and food without nuts.


Smoked Norwegian salmon with roquefort and beets. Suitable as an appetizer.

Ribbe med soya glaze.jpg

Oysters with pomegranate, shallots and wine vinegar. Suitable as an appetizer.

Tapas medisterboller.jpg

Tomato and mozzarella with tapenade and balsamic vinegar. Suitable as an appetizer or small dish.

Pinnekjøtt m hvitløkspoteter.jpg

Serving nachos with meat, onion, jalapeno and cheese. Salsa sauce and guacamole are served on the side. Also available in salmon or chicken. Suitable as an appetizer or snack.


Airy lobster bisque with lobster. Available lactose free. Suitable as an appetizer.

Lefserull med ribbe.jpg

Creamy cauliflower soup with bacon, cream, parmesan, truffle oil and chives. Available lactose free. Suitable as an appetizer or small dish.

Fylte kalkunruller.jpg

Lightly fried scallops with crispy chorizo and cauliflower puree. Suitable as an appetizer.

Lefserull med rødbetsalat.jpg

Cured salad with various cheeses, onions and fruits. Suitable as an appetizer or small dish.

Julepølse på rugbrød.jpg

Lightly fried scallops with bacon, raisins and lemon sauce. Suitable as an appetizer.

Sweet simply

Salt karamellpudding m hint av chili.jpg

Klassisk karamellpudding

Limemarinerte jordbær_hvitsjokomousse.jpg

Limemarinerte jordbær m/hvit sjokolademousse

Pavlova kopp.jpg

Pavlova kopp


Multe mousse

Riskrem brulee.jpg

Riskrem brulee

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